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Inner peace…..it’s something we hear a lot about, but how important is it? Is it something that we can actually achieve? If so, how do we get there? 
Pamela Gold is a Spiritual Strength Coach, Author and Speaker. After graduating from Yale University, she went on to pursue her passion for fitness and wellness. It was through that pursuit that she discovered yoga, which connected her love of philosophy, science, psychology, and wellness which eventually led her to discover her life’s work: teaching inner peace as the key to our greatest evolution. Her book, Find More Strength: 5 Pillars to Unlock Unlimited Power and Happiness is full of tragedy to triumph personal stories, along with actionable tools to help increase power and happiness in life.

To connect with Pamela, go to her website goldevolution.com


Do you have patterns that show up in your life over and over again in regards to your relationships with others or yourself, that end up robbing you of your inner peace, taking all your energy and keeping you stuck? Are you ready to get some clarity and to Uncover hidden karmic patterns that may be sabotaging your ability to make lasting changes. 
Katja Rusanen is an internationally known Karma Cleanse Expert, a best-selling author and fully qualified Spiritual Life Coach & Soul Plan Reader. For years she has helped people all over the world to break free from patterns around relationships, love, career, self-worth, and more through her revolutionary Karma Cleansing. She believes that it is possible to stop repeating old patterns and find inner peace with your past. 

Katja is offering a complimentary 45 min karma cleanse session. To book yours, email Katja at hello@karmacleanse.me

To connect further with Katja, head over to her website karmacleanse.me


Relationships can be confusing. As a woman, do you feel that your man isn’t pulling his weight in your relationship? As a man, do you feel like you’re doing everything that you can think of to make your partner happy, but it does anything but? Our wonderful guest today is here to help us navigate the sometimes tumultuous relationship waters.

Elliott Katz is an author and speaker that teaches the principles in his book, Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants: Timeless wisdom on being a man.

After the end of a relationship, Elliott sought to learn about being a man in a relationship. He found books on relationships said little to him, but he found powerful timeless insights in the lessons that fathers and other older male role models taught younger men. People started seeking his advice and would say, “Why didn’t someone tell me this before?”

Moving beyond the trendy ideas about a man’s role that don’t seem to work, Elliott shares insights on being a man that have withstood the test of time. Interestingly, these insights are the traits that he heard many women complain are lacking in men today – showing leadership, making decisions and taking responsibility.

To connect with Elliott, head over to his website elliottkatz.com



When it comes to diets and nutrition, does it feel like a never ending exercise in frustration? What to eat, what not to eat, it seems like it changes daily. Today’s amazing guest is here to shed some light on these frustrations.
Highly credentialed, celebrity nutrition and fitness expert JJ Virgin teaches clients how to lose weight and master their mindset so they can lead bigger, better lives. She is the author of 4 NY Times bestsellers, which include The Virgin Diet and the Sugar Impact Diet.
JJ has uncovered a path to weight loss that is easily individualized, down to the person, and utterly life changing. She is the recognized leader and go-to weight loss resistance expert who can unlock the door to lifelong weight management.

To connect with JJ, head over to her website JJVirgin.com


Do you struggle with losing weight? Does it seem like that struggle is never ending? Do you dream of finding a permanent solution? Well, today’s guest may just be the answer to those dreams!
Pete Weintraub is a Permanent Weight Loss Specialist, whose mission is to help as many people as he can to release their unwanted weight FOR GOOD by making healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes.
Pete struggled with his weight for over 20 years of his life, culminating in a 70 lb weight gain during the first semester of his sophomore year of college. Being that he was already 30 lbs or so overweight, this left him with 100 lbs to lose.
After five years of plateaus, research and trial-and-error, he finally figured out what worked for him. The amazing thing is that it’s also worked for many of his clients all over the world, ranging from college students to busy moms to top-level executives, and even Marines! To connect with Pete, download his free report and book your 15 min Strategy call, go to weightlossbypete.com


Does life seem like a never ending string of challenges being thrown your way? Do you feel like life is something to be survived and you’re not sure if you will? Our amazing guest today is here to tell us how we can bounce forward through life’s challenges and how we can learn to overcome them.   

Brian King teaches coaches and other professionals the keys to growing their influence and businesses by simply being themselves. He has a Master's Degree in Social Work and has ADHD & Dyslexia. He’s also the father of three sons with Asperger's & ADHD.

As a Coach, Professional Workshop Facilitator and Keynote Presenter who has been wowing audiences since he was 17 years old, Brian has become increasingly known for his story of resilience in the face of Learning and Physical disabilities to become a #1 Best-Selling Author and successful Entrepreneur. In his popular keynote presentations, Brian reveals key decisions we all must make in order to be consistently successful regardless of our challenges.

To connect with Brian, head to his website at brianraymondking.com


Do people always consider you the ‘Quiet One’? Does the idea of speaking to new people or walking into a room where you don’t know anyone, cause your blood to run cold? You are not alone. Today’s amazing guest, has been in your shoes and is here to tell us how to go from Scared to Successful. Just because you are a quiet one, doesn’t mean that you can’t make a big impact on the world.  
When Lori Saitz was a child, her report cards always said that she needed to learn to speak up in class. Upon starting a business, she had to force herself to go to networking events and endure many awkward conversations in hopes of meeting clients. After spending thousands of dollars and stomach churning hours, she figured out how to comfortably manage networking situations.
Today she is known as The Quiet Girl’s Guide and she not only feels comfortable meeting new people, she actually enjoys it. As a networking strategy coach and speaker, she helps other “quiet girls (and guys)” get past the fear of networking so they can find success.  To connect with Lori and get her free resource, The 5 Mistakes Quiet Entrepreneurs Make, head over to thequietgirls.com


Do you always feel busy, but are getting nothing done? Are you always searching for that magical app, or secret to increasing your productivity instead of just your busyness? 
Business Productivity Coach Teresa McCloy partners with her clients to stop being productive and do what matters. A recovered workaholic who was addicted to all the latest apps, software, and best selling books on productivity, is now passionate about helping business leaders and entrepreneurs to assess their habits and execute a Personalized Program for doing more of what matters.
Teresa is trained to use tools such as the Enneagram, Life Maps, and the 12 Week Year system to serve her clients through one-on-one coaching, webinars, and training to discover their unique talents, values and life mission. To connect with Teresa, head over to her website at teresamccloy.com


Benjamin Tyler is the founder of Client Enrollment Academy and host of Sales for Coaches and Consultants podcast.
As a speaker and coach, Benjamin shows coaches, consultants and service based businesses how to attract high quality leads and enroll them into their services.  So they can build successful businesses around their gifts and talents.
Battling substance issues with alcohol, drugs and gambling, Benjamin was able to break free by investing in coaching and non-traditional medicine.  He now unapologetically stands in his authenticity and has built a business around it.
He wants to share that message so others can start building the extraordinary life they deserve. To connect more with Benjamin and to get your copy of his Template that will help you build your story, go to clientenrollmentacademy.com


Happiness….does it sometimes feel that it is always out of reach. It’s something that everyone seems to be searching for but never seems to find…….what if I told you that you don’t have to search any further.

Scott Wilhite is a commercial filmmaker turned social entrepreneur. He now uses his creative talents to relieve unnecessary suffering—and nothing’s more unnecessary than being unhappy and dissatisfied when you don’t have to live that way.

To empower people with an effective skills-based approach to personal transformation, Scott created the Feed Your Happy app, founded nCOURAGE.LIFE, and authored the best-selling book, The 7 Core Skills of Everyday Happiness: Scientifically Proven Skills for a Happier, More Meaningful Life. To connect further with Scott, go to scottwilhite.com


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