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Mid- Life crisis…..we have all heard about it, we try to avoid it, but inevitably we get to a point in time of our lives when we start asking the big questions. Who Am I? Have I ever actually been ME?  Have I ever REALLY lived? Is it too late to change things around? Our amazing guest that is here today will shed some light on those questions and much more.

Olga Szakal is the founder of "The Ageless Generation" where she coaches women on "How to Design Your New Amazing Life In 5 Steps”. She’s also the author of "The Mid-Life Crisis Awakening" : How to rise up and become the woman that you were always meant to be, which describes how she was raised with limiting beliefs and her journey from losing her father, going through a divorce, becoming a single mother of four children, to finally discovering who she really was.

Olga is dedicated to share with others like herself, the journey, the steps, the pitfalls and exhilaration of succeeding. You can do it too.

To connect with Olga, go to www.agelessgeneration.com

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