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Have you ever started down a path, whether it be a career or a relationship, where you discovered that it wasn’t of your choosing. You realize that you are living your life for someone else, based on their expectations of you and the judgments that you would receive if you didn’t follow it.

Have you ever felt like you weren’t in control of your own life, like you were a spectator instead of a participant and true happiness seemed like something that only happens in fairy tales.

Today’s amazing guest knows that feeling all too well and she is here to tell us how you can Live Happy from the Inside out.

PodcasterInternational SpeakerHuffington Post contributor and creator of the Foundations of Happiness eCourse, Maura Sweeney guides others on the path of “Living Happy – Inside Out.” Armed with decades of experience as a law school “escapee”, a corporate manager, a business co-owner and a home schooling mom, Maura launched out at midlife to pursue her dream vocation as A world traveler and trademarked Ambassador of Happiness®, Maura is a popular media guest sharing unifying “good news” perspectives with the world.

To connect with Maura, go to www.maura4u.com and if you would like the excerpt of Maura's book that she mentioned in the show, email her at maura@maura4u.com and reference this episode. 

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