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Leadership. It's a term that we hear often, but do we really know what it means. Do you know what kind of leader you are or would like to be? 

Another term I have been hearing a lot lately is Servant Leadership. What is it, how does it differ from the traditional model of leadership? Why should we be taking notice of it? Our amazing guest is here today to answer those questions and show us the art of Servant Leadership. 

Art Barter is CEO and cultural architect of Datron World Communications Inc, and organization he transformed from a $10 million company to a $200 million company in just six years by puttng into practice the behaviours of servant leadership. 

He is also CEO and founder of the Servant Leadership Institute (SLI), an organization that helps people and organizations put servant leadership into practice, through hands-on training, coaching, events, publications and other programs. His latest book, is The Servant Leadership Journal: An 18 week Journey to Transform You and Your Organization. 

To connect with Art, go to his website: www.servantleadershipinstitute.com 


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