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Do you have patterns that show up in your life over and over again in regards to your relationships with others or yourself, that end up robbing you of your inner peace, taking all your energy and keeping you stuck? Are you ready to get some clarity and to Uncover hidden karmic patterns that may be sabotaging your ability to make lasting changes. 
Katja Rusanen is an internationally known Karma Cleanse Expert, a best-selling author and fully qualified Spiritual Life Coach & Soul Plan Reader. For years she has helped people all over the world to break free from patterns around relationships, love, career, self-worth, and more through her revolutionary Karma Cleansing. She believes that it is possible to stop repeating old patterns and find inner peace with your past. 

Katja is offering a complimentary 45 min karma cleanse session. To book yours, email Katja at hello@karmacleanse.me

To connect further with Katja, head over to her website karmacleanse.me

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